Is Selling Houses Hard?

It seems like selling houses would be a very hard thing to do. In fact it can be very enjoyable if you know what you are doing! One of the reasons states, like Georgia, require real estate agents to be licensed is to make sure people selling houses are familiar with laws that protect buyers and sellers. Once you have take the time to take the required real estate courses and passed the licensing exam then the fun can begin.

Be sure that it can still be a lot of work, but learning from the right teachers and working on the best team can help control the amount of time and effort spent unwisely in helping customers. As a Georgia licensed real estate professional you can have plenty of opportunity to work with some really great teams and find lots of ongoing education to help keep up your skills.

Someone recently asked, “do real estate agents have to have a college degree?” and the answer is simple: no. But every agent does have to take specific classes and pass exams – as well as a background test for public trust. The classes are not difficult but they do require an investment of time. This helps weed out people who are not really committed and helps introduce people, maybe even you, to a very fun and lucrative career.

Marketing and paperwork are really big parts of the job, as is networking. Being a successful real estate agent requires a lot more than just knowing where homes and properties are for sale. You will need to get out and meet people, meet people at properties – even on the weekends, and work to get listings (homes you are marketing for the owner) as well as buyers for existing listing. There will be late nights and people that make you want to pull your hair out. Just remember, though, one sale could me a paycheck for several thousand dollars!

Maybe one of the most difficult things about becoming a real estate agent is the process of “becoming”. It’s all new. There are lots of reading assignments. The tests can be nerve racking. And you really don’t know what to expect just like with any new career. After that initial few weeks things completely change. That’s when you actually get into the business and start practicing your new skills. You’ll see within just a few months of passing your initial exam and getting to “hang your license” with a team that real estate can be both fun and rewarding! As to whether or not it’s “easy” depends a lot on how you approach it. Oh, happy selling!

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