How Much Do Real Estate Agents Earn In Atlanta?

Are you thinking of becoming a real estate agent in the Atlanta, Georgia area? If so then you are choosing a great city in which to practice that profession. As of 2015 the Average real estate agent in Atlanta earns more than the national average and even more than the state’s average.

While the state of Georgia does come in around 32nd in the nation1 for reported median sales prices, meaning the average price that homes sell for, that includes the very rural areas, depressed areas, and smaller homes and properties. Atlanta and the surrounding area, counties like Cobb, Gwinnett, and North Fulton, to name a few have homes that sell in the high hundreds of thousands and more are being built now. The average sales price for homes in the Atlanta area in 2014 $165,0002 (up 10% from the previous year) was while the reported average home value in the Atlanta metro area as of January 2015 was $155,0003

What these numbers don’t say is how many agents are active, how many are selling existing homes and how many are selling new homes. What they do say is if you plan on entering the real estate business you’ve chosen a good time to do so. Keeping in mind that many agents simply have a license and are not very active in sales you can increase the average income of active agents quite a bit. So, for example, if half of agents don’t sell any homes per year that would dramatically increase the average income. Then if only half of those agents who do sell homes only half sell at least one per month then the average income increases again for that group.

The bottom line is if you become an agent and work your business like you need an income you can vastly improve your personal annual income far above the average. With all of that said and according to the average annual income for a real estate agent in Atlanta in 2014 was $38,8004 – not bad for an “average” considering a lot of inactive agents push that number way down!

The chart below, taken from, shows advertised jobs in the industry with income levels far above what the average numbers show. Once you have your license, which includes your educational requirements met at IRET, you can begin searching for jobs just like these or the hundreds of others advertised every day in the metro Atlanta area.


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