Are There Classes To Learn Real Estate?

iret-georgia-real-estate-classesWhen someone asks if there are classes to learn real estate they could be asking one of two things. The first thing they may be asking is if there are classes taught in school like college or University. Many colleges and Universities do offer courses and even degree programs with a focus on the business of real estate. These are generally open only to enrolled students and may require several months spent in the classes which must also be accompanied by other core curriculum.

The other question may actually be if there are courses or classes taught specifically about the real estate career outside of a traditional school setting. The answer here is also affirmative. There are not only classes to learn about real estate but states actually require these classes to be taken and passed before they allow an applicant to apply for or renew their license.

Each state varies in what they require but most are simple. In Georgia there are various types of licenses and most people are interested in a residential sales career. You can read our article about Georgia Real Estate Licensing Education Requirements here.

What Types Of Topics Are Taught?

This depends on the class being taken. For prelicensing requirement there is a lot of information about the topic of real estate law and regulations. This makes up a large portion of the content of those classes. Other classes, generally referred to as post-licensing or continuing education (CE) offer a very wide range of topics and content. These classes, in order to count towards CE credits, must be approved by the state and are often sponsored by third parties.

The best course of action during the initial phase of deciding whether or not you would like to become a real estate agent is to speak with a real estate training professional. Of course Tom Gillett is a deeply experience professional who will gladly take a few moments and answer your questions about taking a Georgia Real Estate class whether it is for you license, a CE credit class, or a certification course. You may contact Tom right here.

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